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Douglas Savoy

Carpal tunnel operation.
I put this surgery off for three years, the pain in my hands woke me up 5-6 times per night. It felt like my hands were going to explode.
Gloves, hot water offered some relief.Bottom line is if it hurts enough you will get it seen about, I am here to say don't wait it is not worth it.
Dr Henry and his staff worked with me for three years and did my surgeries over the past three months.
The relief I have experienced is unmeasurable but I told Kindall it was 10,000 times better.
I do not remember the surgery, recovery is short and I now sleep at night, little to no scar. I also had my elbow repaired and this went better than expected, I am now ready for hunting and fishing season like never before.
Thanks for the relief and new friends I have made. Douglas Savoy

Mike Grace

After two hip injections over a period of 5 years, I finally decided to get a hip replacement which Dr. Henry had recommended. I was in severe pain and could barely walk. On March 21, 2012, Dr. Henry performed the hip replacement. The pain after surgery was not as bad as the pain I was having before. I was up the next day walking with therapist. Went home 4 days later. I was able to space my pain medication and after a few days at home I discontinued. At seven weeks, I am walking without any aids, I am driving, mowing lawn, etc. and all with absolutely no pain. Thank you Dr. Henry. You and your staff are great, positive, professional, and caring. Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital was wonderful. They give me alot of personal attention and everyone we came in contact with was great. Thanks again for making pain free.

Jarrod Shane McGee

Thank you Dr. Barry and staff. I would recommend Dr. Barry to anyone looking for a excellent ortho. The staff is extremly friendly and helpful. He will go over all possiblities with you before doing a surgery and the best choices for you. Thanks again.

Barry J. Henry, MD

I have been reading these testimonials and feel privileged to have cared for such thoughtful and kind people. My hope is that our clinic continues to impact this community and is valued by the decision makers that lead our local companies and government. Thanks to all of you who write in and seek treatment with us and thanks to the network of people and providers that help our patients with testing, imaging, procedures, and surgical recovery. Barry J. Henry, MD

Joey Calandra

While living in Dallas in late 2004 I suffered a severe knee injury playing flag football. I tore my ACL completely in two, fractured my femur, and badly tore meniscus in my right knee. I had ACL reconstruction and was fine until last year when I again tore the meniscus in the same knee. I saw a local doctor here in Lafayette where I was told that there was nothing he could do and would soon need a KNEE REPLACEMENT. As an active 37 year old this didn't sit very well with me. I asked around and was referred to Dr. Henry. From the second that I walked in the office I knew that I was in the right place. His courteous and knowledgeable staff explained to me Dr. Henry's philosophy on recovery. After a careful examination of what was going on with my knee and an out patient procedure removing the torn portion of the meniscus, I am back doing the things that I love to do. Dr Henry and his staff truly understand the importance of your active lifestyle. They have definitely earned a lifelong patient!

Gwen Meche

I first submitted a testimonial to Dr. Barry Henry in 2010, after my first total hip replacement (left), about his compassionate character and his excellent ability as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Well it is now June 2013, and after carpal tunnel surgery on both hands (February and March 2013) and another total hip replacement (right May 2013), I am here, again, to testify that there is no finer surgeon than, Lafayette's own, Barry Henry. The same compliments go to his office staff: the wait is never long, all are very efficient and one never leaves with unanswered questions. The Lafayette area is so BLESSED to have such a FINE SURGEON so close to home.
I had back surgery in December 2012 and I asked him, "why can't you operate on my back?" After several visits to surgeons, I chose one! Believe me, the surgeon, known as one of the states finest, was no comparison to Dr.Barry Henry, in every aspect possible, and neither was his office staff!!!!
As we enter retirement and middle age, doctors become, unfortunately, a big part of our lives. We need more fine doctors with Dr. Barry's compassion, ability, office staff and I can go on and on, to take care of our needs! Again, I and my family, feel so blessed to have Dr. Henry. What he has done for me, a retired teacher with 30+ years, is truly a miracle!! Gwen Meche, Church Point, LA.

Bob Koenig

Dr Henry is the best. I trust him. He always does what is right AND he finds a way for me to continue to be active. I have learned so much from him. Competitions are so much better when I am healthy and rested.

My wife and I feel so comfortable with Dr Henry and his staff. They care!


After a recent unexpected work injury I was fortunate to meet Dr. Henry, recommended by family members who were previously treated. He and his staff were very helpful and understanding. Although still in the healing process I can not thank the entire practice enough. Everyone involved has been helpful and understanding.

Vicky Harrington

I had a fractured patella in November of 2014. Dr. Barry Henry performed my surgery, I would recommend anyone to him. He did an amazing job on my knee. To all his staff YALL are truely amazing!!!

Sam Thibodeaux

I had rotator cuff surgery November 2015. Essentially pain free now 3 months post-op. Dr. Henry and staff were professional, caring, and willing to answer any questions. Everything was explained well with clear instructions provided. Appointments were able to be scheduled quickly and with minimal wait times.

Gordon Breaux

First off let's just say Dr.Henry is the best. I had to have a ligament replaced on my index finger of my dominent hand. Surgery went great and he made sure I was great. Must also mention his staff who were also so caring and thoughtful. They will be the first contacted if I ever need anything else fixed. Thank you Dr.Henry and all of his staff very much!

Sheila Landry

When I was searching for a doctor to see about my knee problems, I searched the Internet for the top 10 orthopedists in LA. Dr. Henry was listed as one of them. I researched him some more and decided he was the doctor for me! I called his office the next day. I never regretted it! I felt comfortable from the first minute I walked in his office. I needed a total knee replacement on both knees, but he insisted on doing one at a time. My first surgery went great. The care I received from the doctor and his staff was amazing! The relief I felt in my new knee was amazing and I wanted the same relief for my other one. A year later, we scheduled the second surgery. Another great surgery! I recommend Dr. Henry to everyone I know. He is a wonderful, kind and knowledgeable doctor. I have seen several other orthopedic doctors and have never felt as comfortable and cared for as I have been with Dr. Henry!

Cindy Sutera

Dr. Henry performed a Bilateral Knee Replacement in June of 2014. His wonderful bedside manner and dr skills made it a bareable experience with minimal pain and quick recuperation. He and his professional staff expressed concern for me as an individual, and addressed all of my issues. Every time I go for a check up, I feel like I am treated like family. I have recommended him to others as well, and will continue to do so. His office is very accessible, comfortable and clean. Keep up the great job and thanks for everything.

Michael Williams

To Dr. Henry (a US Veteran): I am grateful and thankful with the Hands of the Surgeon with the vision of Da Vinci.

To Ryan (US Veteran): I appreciate your professionalism in medicine.

Kindall, Cheree, Cassie, and Staff: Thank you for everything you did; a job very well done and superb care.

The posted picture is the patient in recovery, doing well in the Saint Streets.
Michael D. Williams

flo meaux

Just came out of Dr. Henry's post op visit.
Arthroscopic surgery was performed 7/20,all went well.
His office staff is very efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous and of course so is Dr. Henry.
Hopefully the prognosis is as good an outcome as the surgery.
flo meaux

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