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Gloria Perkins

Dr. Henry performed my Bilateral Knee Replacements, and made it a bareable experience with minimal pain and quick recuperation. He has a wonderful bedside and office manner. He and his professional staff expressed concern for me as an individual, and addressed all of my issues. He has treated several members of my family, and I have recommended him to others as well, and will continue to do so. His office is very accessible, comfortable and clean. Keep up the great job and thanks for everything.


I cannot thank you enough for treating me so kindly as your patient in February. My cast was THE best I had throughout my recovery. I LOVED having the actual x-rays of my leg with hardware. Show & Tell is great! I'm so glad to see what a nice, comprehensive practice you have as well as your fantastic staff.

Melissa Gainey

Had my visit with Dr. Henry. His nurse was wonderful, answered my questions, and was very friendly. He was very sweet and was concerned about me as a patient and listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend him to all my friends, family, and colleagues thank you for a great experience.


Just wanted to say thank you for taking my pain seriously & being so aggressive in finding the cause/treatment. I am feeling much better.

Larry Cook

Shortly after retiring at age seventy, I was diagnosed with arthritis in both hips. I was referred to Dr. Henry by another satisfied patient that had undergone the same surgery and thought very highly of Dr. Henry. After two successful surgeries/recoveries in an eight month period, I too have now recommended two patients to Dr. Henry. Success in progress.

Jackie Bourque

I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel about 10 yrs ago. I kept putting the surgery off until it was too painful to ignore. I found Dr. Henry through a good friend. Dr. Henry did my surgery in March, and I was a little concerned that I did not have instant relief. He took the time to sit with me and explain how nerves and nerve regeneration worked. He is truly a physician sent from God with a great gift. He and his staff are the greatest. I always felt welcomed and never rushed.

Gwen Meche

Since the beginning of 2007 I have suffered terribly with "sciatica"-so I thought. Doctors, therapist, injections, epidurals, acupuncture, chiropractors (you name it) have been a constant part of my life during this time. May 24th I saw Dr. Barry (highly recommended) for the first time. He walked in (after looking at my MRI) and told me the same old adage, "nothing really on the SPINE" causing such pain BUT we are going to x-ray your hip. When he told me I needed a new hip, I couldn't believe it!!!
After all this time, the "HIP" word was NEVER mentioned!
Here I sit a month after first meeting Dr. Barry with a THP (new hip).
I (a 30 year veteran teacher) had lost faith in our medical profession to say it mildly and thought my "active" life would be so no longer! Then I met Dr. Barry. WHAT A DOCTOR!!! His character, his intelligence, his professionalism, his compassion, his ability to communicate (to name just a few) are comparable to no other! I also feel the need to apply these comments-feelings to the Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital of which he is part owner. What a HOSPITAL!!! As we become (are) senior citizens, unfortunately hospitals become a large part of our daily social communication, and needless to say, it is not positive!! This hospital changes those feelings. It goes above and beyond all expectations. From entering to exiting the parking lot you would not believe a surgical stay could be such a wonderful experience!!!
My feelings (in my opinion) are based on experience (three years of many (fine) doctors). My only regret is not meeting Dr. Barry sooner!!!! He could have saved me a lot of pain and many, many dollars!!

God Bless Dr. Barry Henry!!
Gwen Meche (Mrs. Albert)

Joan Latour

Over the last 6 to 8 years I suffered with severe knee pain in both my left and right knees. I went through several rounds of cortisone injections, different anti-inflammatory medications, and even tried several different knee braces . The different treatments worked a short time, but the severe pain always returned. By the time I finally made the decision to have knee replacement surgery, my left knee was rubbing bone on bone and the right knee had very little cartilage remaining. It had become very difficult to do any task, whether it was grocery shopping or cleaning my house, walking just short distances seemed like a grave task due to the amount of pain I was in. I thank the Lord that Dr. Henry was recommended to me by a friend. I count my blessings daily that this awesome gifted Doctor gave me back my ability to walk normally without severe pain. I had two surgeries to replace my knees, and the first was a bit difficult, but the second was a breeze! Dr. Henry performed a new procedure, which minimized the pain, recovery time and physical therapy time. This allowed me to return to work sooner and start living my life again! I would highly encourage anyone, who is thinking about having a total knee replacement, to choose Dr. Henry. My only regret is waiting as long as I did to have my surgery. Dr. Henry thank you for your compassion and patience you displayed throughout my recovery. You and your office staff are simply amazing! Thank you for giving me my life back! I love my Dr. Henry!

Chris Poche'

After suffering with a fractured clavicle and being out of work for 4 months, I saw Dr. Henry. He aggressively treated and repaired my fracture. I went back to work a few weeks following the surgery. I have not had any pain since. Dr. Henry is an outstanding physician. I will definitely recommend anyone I know to him. Thank you Dr. Henry!

Nick Hale

Dr.Henry treated me for recurrent left shoulder dislocations after an injury and surgically repaired my left shoulder arthroscopically. He and his staff are very professional. Dr. Henry makes you feel as if you are his only patient by taking the time to answer any questions you have and he makes sure you fully understand the surgical process, recovery time, etc. Dr. Henry is an excellent surgeon and my shoulder has fully recovered. Thank you Dr. Henry!

Lana Breaux

Dr. Barry performed a knee replacement on me in May of 2011, three weeks ago. My recovery has been awesome. I know people who were no where near where I am in my recovery at this early date. He and his staff are wonderful. And I can't say enough about the hospital care, just a great place to be in after surgery. Thank you Dr Barry.

Peggy Thibodeaux

I went to Dr. Henry because of chronic tendonitis in my wrist. Surgery was my last resort, but it completely cured my pain. Dr. Henry is a kind, compassionate person and an excellent surgeon. I highly recommend him.

Edna Williams

Dr.Henry has my been my doctor for a long time.I recommend him to many of my friends who have special needs.There are not enough words to describe the care and compassion he has for his patients.He treats his patients as family instead of seeing dollar signs.He will be performing left knee replacement on me soon. I trust everything he is doing for me,he let's you know what's the best thing for you. He does not force you into having anything done that you're not comfortable with.I Have this testimony about Dr Henry to show how compassionate he is, He performed a surgical precedure in February,which I recovered from 3 weeks after my surgery.I devolped a blood clot. I was admitted,He was informed of what happened to me, and he showed compassion by paying me a visit at the hosiptal to comfort me. This is the type of Doctor you want caring for you. He is the best in his feild of medicine to me. I also would like thank his staff for all there hard work and there compassion to his patients. You feel the warmth and caring as soon as you walk into his office. Thank You All!

Karen Fruge

I went to Dr. Henry in June of 2011 and was very satisfied with my first visit and since then I have went back several times and was so comfortable with the atmosphere and such kind and concerned people. There is not one person that doesn't go out of their way to please the patient. Since I have been going there my trouble with my knee has really gotten better. Dr. Barry is a sweet heart of a person.

Rebbecca Landry

...went to dr Henry for the first time today....and could not be happier...made me go thru simple test to see what my limitations were, and made me realize how some of the simple things, can make such a huge difference...thank you dr henry...and to your staff...professionalism and kindness beyond words...

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